Breakfast choices which could be preventing weight loss

Dr Robert Ziltzer, MD FACP, FAAP, explained how skipping breakfast altogether, eating certain foods and drinking high-calorie coffees for breakfast can all contribute to the number on the scales not reducing. 

Skipping breakfast altogether

Dr Ziltzer said: “While it may seem counterintuitive, skipping breakfast can hinder your weight loss progress.” 

Not having breakfast can also lead to overeating throughout the day – including extra snacks and bigger meals later in the day. 

Instead, the expert recommends choosing a protein for breakfast because it “starts your metabolism after a night of fasting and provides the necessary energy to fuel your body for the day ahead”. 

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For example, eggs, low-fat cottage cheese, Greek low carb non-fat yoghurt, or ham are good sources of high protein. 

Eating cereal, bagels, oats and granola

Dr Ziltzer explained: “Another breakfast mistake that many individuals make is reaching for processed and sugary breakfast foods. Cereals, sugary granola bars, and sweetened pastries may be convenient, but they are often loaded with fat-building carbs and sugars.” 

Choosing these items for breakfast can lead to a surge of energy and then a sugar crash, which can trigger cravings. 

Drinking high-calorie coffees for breakfast

Dr Ziltzer told She Finds: “Unfortunately, lattes and frappuccinos are loaded with sugar and fat, a particularly dangerous combination that causes weight gain.” 

Instead, opt for “black coffee and flavour it with low-calorie powdered creamer and artificial sweetener”. 

The expert also recommended protein shakes as they are a “convenient and healthy way to start the day and provide the necessary nutrition you need to maintain muscle, prevent hair loss, and keep you satiated”. 

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