Menopause – How to lose 1.5 stone in 12 weeks ‘without gym or diet’

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Many women find it impossible to go to the gym, or they just lack the motivation to exercise during menopause, when weight gain usually occurs as one of the most common symptoms. Fitness coach Adam Grayston exclusively shared three game-changing tips on shedding body fat without “strict dieting or ever setting foot in a gym”, which could help women lose around 1.5 stone in 12 weeks, starting with the “80/20” rule.

Adam revealed that “eating 80 percent good food and 20 percent bad food is both realistic and sustainable” as well as a very effective way to burn fat.

He explained: “You don’t need to follow a strict or fad diet, all you need to remember is to include each of the five main food groups in what you eat each day.”

This way, women “will get all the nutrients they need: fruit and vegetables, carbs or starch, proteins, fats and dairy,” he explained.

Adam revealed that abstaining from eating the foods people like altogether “will make the cravings even stronger, and the guilt after ‘relapsing’ even worse”.

Therefore, “you should continue to eat your favourite foods but just make sure to keep it to around 20 percent of your overall food intake,” he advised.

Healthline explained that the 80/20 meal plan allows people to lose weight if they eat nutritiously 80 percent of the time and indulge in less healthy food for the remaining 20 percent of their meals.

Nutritionist, chef and personal trainer Teresa Cutter explained that nutritious meals mean “whole, unprocessed or minimally processed foods, lots of fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains, plus lots of water”.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a week are 21 meals, so to lose weight, women should be eating 80 percent healthy and nutritious meals, which is 17 healthy meals a week.

Dietitian Kristin Kirkpatrick said that the “80/20 plan is a great approach” as “allowing yourself a few indulgences here and there may not be such a bad thing”.

Blogger Talia Koren, who lost a considerable amount of weight following the 80/20 rule, explained that “restrictive eating rarely makes anyone truly happy because it’s extremely difficult”.

“Some control is good, but when you set too many rules, you eventually find yourself back at square one.”

In terms of exercising, Adam recommended coming up with a workout plan “that you enjoy” but for this, there is no need to go to the gym.

“To lose weight effectively and keep it off, you don’t need to start off with intense workouts. It could simply mean taking a walk a few times a week.

“Make sure that you walk a little farther each day while going about your regular schedule.”

If women have some equipment at home, they could use that a few times a week in order to see faster results.

“With your exercise routine, just like eating healthy food that you like, do the exercise that you like the most, whether it be walking, running, cycling, swimming, or whatever else you may enjoy,” he suggested.

However, the fitness coach warned against working out every day and instead, women should aim for two to three short workouts per week.

“Then every three to four weeks you can either go up to 20-30 minute workouts three times a week or follow some 15-minute workouts three to four times per week.”

The trainer added: “It all comes down to what workouts are going to fit into your schedule best, and short workouts are perfect for developing flexible exercise habits and getting leaner.”

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