14 Sweet Ways to Bake with Olive Oil

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Our Best Ideas for Baking with Olive Oil

You’re probably used to drizzling your olive oil over salad or into the frying pan. But, did you know that you can bake with it, too? As long as you choose the right olive oil for the job and have a few delicious recipes for some tried-and-true sweets, you’ll find that it’s easy to infuse your cookies, cakes and more with rich, golden goodness. Just take these olive oil cookies, for example. They’re a delicious take on the original version. Instead of butter, good-quality extra-virgin olive oil is the base fat, adding moisture and richness and elevating the flavor profile of this dessert. The olive oil gives the cookies a gentle floral, citrusy, nutty and herbaceous undertone that complements the chocolate. Freshly grated orange zest further enhances the natural citrus hint the oil brings. You can’t go wrong with these upgraded-yet-classic cookies.

Get the Recipe:Olive Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies

Olive Oil Brownies

Olive oil belongs in brownies. It makes them feel a little grown-up and adds a distinct, earthy flavor. It’s a great sub for butter, adding monounsaturated fats and a dense, fudgy texture.

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Olive Oil Cake with Honeyed Apples

Honey adds a delicious pop of sweetness to this decadent and moist olive oil cake. We’ve paired the cake with apples gently simmered in a honey syrup—perfect whenever you’re craving a fall dessert.

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Olive Oil Blondies with Chocolate Frosting

These sweet, frosted bars are moist and delicious. Olive oil stands in for butter adding richness and, if you use a good-quality olive oil, a lightly fruity flavor.

Get the Recipe:Olive Oil Blondies with Chocolate Frosting

Olive Oil Corn Muffins

These corn muffins feel classic, but have the unique twist of replacing butter with olive oil, plus tangy Greek yogurt. The recipe comes together in minutes, resulting in warm from-scratch corn muffins in no time.

Get the Recipe:Olive Oil Corn Muffins

Olive Oil Strawberry Shortcake

You may need butter to coat your cake pan but your use of olive oil will take the cake! With the added sweetness of strawberries and orange, the delicate fruity flavor of the oil really shines.

Get the Recipe:Olive Oil Strawberry Shortcake

Lemon Olive Oil Cake

A lemon loaf is a classic treat that’s as good for breakfast as it is for afternoon tea. And, as much as we love the buttery version, this olive oil-based take is every bit as rich and delicious as the original. Plus, the olive oil imparts extra citrusy flavor.

Get the Recipe:Lemon Olive Oil Cake

Lemon-Olive Oil Cake with Cranberry Glaze

This cake is unfussy, it stays moist and the cranberries make the most gorgeous glaze. What’s not to love?!

Get the Recipe:Lemon-Olive Oil Cake with Cranberry Glaze

Lemon–Olive Oil Sugar Cookies

Instead of using just butter for cookies, use a combination of olive oil and butter—which gives them a slightly crisp and chewy texture. If you spring for a good-quality olive oil it will also impart extra flavor, which complements the lemon.

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Blood Orange Olive Oil Upside Down Cake

It’s no secret that olive oil and citrus are the perfect pair. Take advantage of this dynamic duo in this showstopping cake; it’s perfect for dinner parties, brunch and special occasions.

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Chocolate and Olive Oil Fig Cakes

Treat yourself to a moist, chocolaty fig cake with a hint of pepper and a drizzle of honey. You won’t regret it!

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Lemon Olive Oil Cake

Transform a regular ol’ box cake into a fancy, lemony confection. Bonus points for adding extra-virgin olive oil (preferably a fruity, finishing oil) to add to the mix.

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Almond Olive Oil Bundt Cake

You might think the addition of olive oil will overpower the sweetness of a cake—but it actually pulls the flavors together and lets nutty ones (like almond!) shine.

Get the Recipe:Almond Olive Oil Bundt Cake

Cranberry and Olive Oil Corn Muffins

Cornbread and cranberry pair beautifully together in these delicious muffins. The olive oil adds a fruity note that complements the citrus zest and cranberry sauce, which are swirled into the batter before baking. The Greek yogurt keeps the muffins tender and the cornmeal adds a lovely texture. Plus, they bake up with gorgeous, rustic tops.

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