Bananas will stay fresh for longer if you use cooking expert’s £1 recommendation

Bananas: Experts explain how to keep the fruit fresh

After buying a nice green bunch of bananas, you often think you have several days (maybe even a week) to use them all up before they turn brown.

However, this fruit has an annoying tendency to ripen pretty quickly, and before you know it, turn brown.

To avoid this happening, a culinary expert has taken to social media to share a banana storage hack that “actually works”.

Zakiyya AK Manjoo, otherwise known as @culinaryclogsbyz on TikTok, captioned her video: “Kitchen hack to keep bananas fresh for longer.”

Recording footage of bananas a dark brown, almost black shade, she said: “Tired of having to buy a bunch of bananas, only to have them look like this after two days?”

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@culinaryvlogsbyz kitchen hack to keep Bananas freshers for longer. #Bananas #howtostorebananas #howtotiktok #howtokeepbananafresh #howtostorebananas #howtostorefood #fruitfrresh #keepbananasfreshforlonger ♬ original sound – Culinary Vlogs by Z

Zakiyya claimed that if you wrap part of the banana in cling film, this will prevent the issue.

Demonstrating how to go about doing this, the expert said: “Try cutting cling wrap into thin strips.

“Then, taking one of the strips, cover the long ends of the banana with the plastic wrap.”

Five days later, Zakiyya showed the results of this hack and it was impressive compared to how they looked after just two days without the hack.

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The bananas only had slight black spots on their skin and did not look mushy at all.

The cooking pro said: “After five days the most that happened to these [bananas] were that they got some black dots on them. This hack actually works.”

Wrapping cling film around the stems of bananas is an effective way to keep them fresh for longer as it traps the ethylene gas. If this gas is released the ripening process will speed up.

Cling film is cheap to buy from most supermarkets. found that it retails for the least amount at Asda – just £1.

Taking to the comments section, users were fans of this tip but one argued that tin foil “works better”.

@the.uzzi said: “Cling wrap works, but using aluminium foil works a whole lot better.”

According to a study by the American Statistical Association, they found that “foil wrap is a better way to preserve bananas than cling wrap”.

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