McVitie’s digestives compared to supermarket’s own in a taste test

In 1892, Sir Alexander Grant devised and produced the first and original ‘Digestive’ biscuit, the secret recipe of which is still used today, according to McVitie’s. In the UK, over 71 million packets of chocolate digestive biscuits are eaten each year, equating to 52 biscuits per second. Since they are the nation’s favourite brand, wanted to know how the supermarket’s own versions compared and tried six varieties in the latest taste test.

A standard pack of McVitie’s chocolate digestive biscuits cost between £1.75 and £1.90 depending on where you shop.

I sampled supermarket’s (apart from Morrisons and Sainsbury’s) chocolate digestive biscuits, and prices and sizes of packs vary.

Here’s how I got on tasting and comparing them against one another.

McVitie’s – £1.75 per pack 

The leading brand offered a rich chocolate taste, with a thick and even layer of chocolate on one side. When eating, the biscuit didn’t break and makes a great option for dunking in a cup of tea.

Lidl – 59p for 300g pack 

When looking at the design of Lidl’s biscuit compared to the other supermarkets, it was noticeably similar to Aldi’s.

When taking the first bite, the biscuit broke into several pieces and was very dusty.

The chocolate was not even, and the biscuit itself was very sweet – 7/10.

Tesco – 85p for 300g pack 

Unlike other supermarkets, Tesco’s pack of chocolate digestive biscuits were difficult to open.

The biscuit itself was very powdery and dusty, but it did have a thick chocolate covering, however, the chocolate tasted cheap – 5/10.

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Aldi – 59p for 300g pack 

Similarly to Lidl, Aldi’s biscuit broke into several pieces when eating, it was also very dusty.

The flavour was also similar to Lidl’s chocolate digestive biscuit, but the chocolate was sweeter – 7/10.

M&S – £1.05 for 300g pack 

A sweeter biscuit from M&S, with more texture – it lived up to its wholemeal digestive name.

There was a great crunch, and no dust, with a thick and even layer of chocolate – 9/10.

Waitrose – £1.10 for 400g pack 

Waitrose offered a larger pack of chocolate digestive biscuits, but they are also the most expensive.

The biscuits were very crumbly and dusty when you tried to eat them.

The digestive itself was a little dry which would explain the dust, but the chocolate was evenly covered and thick – 8/10.

Asda – 85p for 300g pack

A good crunchy chocolate digestive biscuit from Asda, but the chocolate was not evenly covered – there were patches of no chocolate.

Asda’s biscuit branding also seemed to be the same as Waitrose’s – 8/10.

In summary, M&S’ chocolate digestive biscuits were the tastiest, but are also the second most expensive. Anyone looking for a cheaper alternative should try Asda’s version as they were joined second with Waitrose.

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