Mum shares her microwave method for poaching eggs

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The hack was posted by Dana Rebecca, a jewellery designer. She often uses her account @danarebeccadesigns to showcase her amazing jewels, but on this occasion, she and her mum tackled poaches eggs.

In the video, which has 1.5M views, Dana’s mum shows a hack she recently learned to make the “perfect” poached egg. She said: “I recently learned how to poach an egg on TikTok.”

All you need is an egg, a small Pyrex bowl, and a microwave, and you can poach an egg in 45 seconds without needing to boil water or deal with a saucepan.

Dana’s mum explained: “Crack the egg in a small Pyrex and add a little bit of water, just enough to cover the yolk. Put it in the microwave. Mine goes for 45 seconds but it can go between 36 and 45 seconds.”

After she runs the microwave, the mum says: “Out comes the perfect poached egg. Look at that!”

Dana’s mum is not the first person to demonstrate how the microwave can be used to poach eggs. TikTok creator Jennifer Valentyne describes herself as a “mum who loves cooking, cocktails, and comedy”.

She showed her 572.3K followers how to make her “perfect” poached egg using just a cup of water, a dash of vinegar, and her microwave.

Her method is similar to Dana’s mother’s, but the inclusion of vinegar is thought by some to help the egg retain its shape.

The mum microwaves her egg for one minute in the microwave for the “perfect” egg.

She said: “I put it on my sprouted grain toast and add a little salt and paper. That’s beautiful, look at that, perfect.”

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Some of Dana’s commenters tried the hack, and not all of them found success with it.

User Paisley Buddy said: “I followed this last week. The egg exploded and my microwave was a mess.”

Arthur Why said: “It didn’t work for me, it exploded in the microwave. Thirty minutes to clean the mess.”

Another user wrote: “Never worked for me.. yolk overcooked but white runny still.”

However, one did find the hack worked well for them. Mike Searl said: “Just tried it after watching this and they came out great! Fast and easy. Thank you as well.”

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