41-year-old man ‘transforms his physique’ in one month with 45-minute workouts

Before discovering F45, Lynell rarely exercised or had a balanced diet; he had stopped going to the gym in December 2019 and the only physical activity he did primarily revolved around his work commitments. 

His lack of physical activity, matched with his poor eating habits, consisting of a high intake of sugar and an absence of conscious meal planning, made Lynell feel lazy and like he needed a change.

At 14st 9lb (95kg), Lynell felt influenced by his wife, who had already experienced the benefits of F45 Training, to make the life-changing decision to join his local studio in Mill Hill. 

This is where he set his sights on becoming the best version of himself, to achieve peak physical fitness. 

He took part in the 45-minute workouts class, which ranged from cardio to strength training, and over time he began to feel fitter, stronger, and more energetic, however, it was the mental transformation that truly stood out. 

Lynell explained how his stress and anxiety were reduced, and his overall mood improved significantly. Lynell also started to feel better about himself, not just because of his appearance but also because of his newfound sense of accomplishment.

To complement his new healthy lifestyle, Lynell made some changes to his diet as well. Previously, he had developed a habit of indulging in something sweet after dinner, but now, Lynell consciously made better food choices. 

Before making F45 part of his lifestyle, Lynell’s daily plate was less balanced. He would skip breakfast and indulging in cakes and chocolates for dessert during lunch was a common practice. 

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His dinners typically consisted of rice and curry, followed by puddings or doughnuts. However, his new approach to food ensured that his meals were more nourishing and carefully planned. 

After partaking in 25 classes at F45 Mill Hill, Lynell has lost a staggering 8lb (4kg). As a result of his dedication to F45, Lynell felt healthier, slept better, and enjoyed a newfound surge of energy. 

He appreciated the structure that daily 45-minute workouts provided, enabling him to prioritise both his mental and physical health and lose 4kg in just one month. His journey with F45 undoubtedly transformed not just his physique but his entire outlook on life. 

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