Man completely transforms his body in just seven months without ‘gym’

Robin started noticing that he wasn’t fitting into his clothes well, and he had “lost that confidence of just walking around feeling good about myself”. Luckily, he met someone who experienced an amazing body transformation. “I was just amazed by his physique and the transformation that he had gone through and that was the trigger for me to start,” he admitted.

The person Robin met was a KMAK Fitness’ client who lose weight and looked better than ever thanks to the popular fitness plan.

He then decided to join hoping to see the same results. “I was very motivated by seeing that such a transformation could happen,” he explained.

Robin joined KMAK Fitness and in just seven months he achieved his goal weight thanks to both exercise and diet.

“From the beginning, I truly didn’t believe I had 30 pounds to drop,” he said. “I got into the best shape of my life during some of the busiest months of my life.”

How did he lose weight?

Robin revealed that he managed to slim down in seven months, but unfortunately, it was the most challenging time of his life which didn’t make it easier.

“Especially during residency, when I took 14 flights in one month, travelled all across the US for weddings, celebrations, etc.

“I also did a surgical mission trip in India, travelled with family to Portugal and moved to a new city in Chicago – all in seven months.”

In terms of fitness, Robin performed “a lot of basic exercises” on a daily basis, there were some workouts “that I had never done before”.

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At KMAK Fitness, slimmers record themselves working out and then they send it over and the coach responds within 24 hours for feedback, “which is super helpful”.

In terms of nutrition, the variation from KMAK Fitness allowed Robin to have the things “I always wanted to have despite travelling”.

He explained: “Their system worked out well and we just kept refining it. I have someone who’s consistently checking in on me and can say ‘Hey these are how things are going, certain workouts are going to change, nutrition going to change’, and that’s perfect for me.”

After his body transformation, Robin admitted that his life has actually changed and he now feels more comfortable than ever in his own body.

“I feel that I am in the best shape of my life,” he said. “I finally learned how to portion control.”

He also learned that “I don’t have to eat all my food until I am stuffed”, especially when eating out.

The programme also taught him how to think about nutrition and exercise “in a whole new light”, and how discipline and consistency “can carry you a long way”.

Robin added: “Most importantly, I have no doubt these ‘lessons’ will carry me for years to come.”

He explained that not only did he achieve a body transformation but a mental transformation as well.

“It changed the way I start looking at health, the way I look at food, my relationship with the gym, and the way I look at all the decisions that I make,” he said.

KMAK Fitness states on its website that they “help men and women with busy lifestyles transform their physique”. The programme can be performed online and the most amazing transformations can be achieved “without spending hours in the gym”.

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